Study in Germany

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Study in Germany


Germany, or Deutschland as Germans call it, is located in Central Europe, where it has a rich and distinctive history and culture. Because it shares its borders with nine countries–Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, and Poland–other cultures have greatly influenced German language, culture and lifestyle into what Germany is today. Neighboring countries, particularly Austria, with which it shares the longest border, is the most similar to Germany.

Major intakes
January/February, August/September

Why studying in Germany is a good idea

Germany is experiencing a lack of specially-skilled workforce in the engineering and IT sector. This lack will continue in the future. Therefore, Germany is highly demanding engineers and IT specialists in the next years. If you study in Germany you have 18 months time to look for work and apply for a job in Germany. Students who studied in Germany are highly prioritized as German companies value German degrees and know that the contents of these degrees matches the requirements they have for their future employees. On the other hand, Germany is one of the few countries that does not demand tuition fees for university studies. They only require a semester fee of 50 – 200 Euros per semester, which is used to give you free public transport, free access to university sports, cheaper prices for meals at the university canteen, etc. Germany is well-known for its big brands and innovative engineering and IT sectors. Think of companies like BASF, Siemens, VW, or BMW. Overall, Germany is a very welcoming, multi-cultural country, which offers you very good working prospects and a brilliant future.

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